Final Touches

Chihuly Atlanta Botanical Gardens{chihuly nights at the Botanical Gardens}

The last several weekends in Atlanta have been absolutely beautiful.  It’s been a perfect October (my favorite month).  Perfect for driving with the windows down, walking through the Botanical Gardens or the Beltline, or sipping on a cocktail on a patio.  All of which I have done in the last month.  There’s something about this time of year that just makes me want to be outside always.  Now of course as soon as it turns just a little bit chilly my love affair with the great outdoors will completely disappear, but I’m enjoying what I’ve got for right now.

Kiss Print Signature Just a Touch Too Much

Target Gray Crossbody Handbag{holiday season handbag}

Target Suede Boots{amazing fall boots from target}

pink eyeglasses sunglasses{themed eyewear}

Pumpkin Seeds{tis the season}

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Pitch Perfect

JCrew Pitching Sleeve Linen TeeGrowing up a bit of a tomboy, pitching sleeves were a big part of my wardrobe.  I played softball for 7 years so they were sort of my after school uniform.  Recently, I’ve been seeing several of my favorite stores stocking cute versions of my old favorite, though these aren’t necessarily intended for the softball diamond.  The ones at JCrew are a bit too thin to be worn on their own, but they are perfect for layering over a chambray top.

Kiss Print Signature Just a Touch Too MuchJCrew Pitching Sleeve Linen TeeJCrew Pitching Sleeve Linen TeeJCrew Pitching Sleeve Linen TeeJCrew Pitching Sleeve Linen TeeTee: JCrew; Button-up: JCrew; Jeans: Old Navy; Shoes: JCrew; Clutch: Clare Vivier; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Earrings: Stella & Dot; Bracelets: JCrew, Stella & Dot; Watch: Michael Kors; Rings: House of Harlow, Gorjana; Lips: NARS “Heat Wave

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Baked Asparagus Fries

Baked Asparagus FriesFrench fries are considered (at least by this bloggerina) to be one of the best inventions ever known to man.  But unfortunately they are a little impractical to eat on a frequent basis (or at least that’s what my trainer keeps telling me).  So when I found an easy and healthy alternative to my beloved frites, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical.  But the addition of a roasted garlic aioli (which perhaps negates the health benefits gained by the green stems) sealed the deal; I’ll try them.  I’m happy to report that these are definitely becoming a weekly staple.  It’s easy to make a large batch at once, and they reheat well throughout the week as a side to an entree or as just a healthy(ish) snack.

Kiss Print Signature Just a Touch Too MuchBaked Asparagus FriesBaked Asparagus FriesBaked Asparagus FriesBaked Asparagus FriesBaked Asparagus FriesBaked Asparagus FriesBaked Asparagus FriesBaked Asparagus Fries

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Little Lady

JCrew Pencil Skirt Pitching Sleeves Raglan TopPencil Skirts are one of those items that tend to be looked at as office-only attire.  I couldn’t disagree with that notion more.  Pencil skirts can be a ton of fun to play with.  A feminine pencil skirt mixed with a tomboyish tee, and southern-fried updo to top it off.  What more could a girl ask for?  It’s a classic item that really ever girl should have at least 3 of in her closet.  Now I’m just giving you even more ways to wear them.  😉

Kiss Print Signature Just a Touch Too MuchJCrew No. 2 Pencil SkirtJenna Wessinger Atlanta Blogger Jungle Red LipstickJCrew Leopard HeelsJCrew Skirt Top combo Atlanta Fashion BloggerTee: JCrew; Skirt: JCrew; Heels: JCrew; Sunglasses: Karen Walker; Belt: Target; Earrings: Bauble Bar; Bracelets: JCrew (old, but similar here); Lips: NARS “Jungle Red“; Nails: Essie’s “Fishnet Stockings

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